Online Casino Games Etiquette


For those who have played a table game before in casinos and not in online casinos, this section is for you. It will be helpful to everybody if you know the basics of online casino games protocol before you sit down for the first time. Few things are more annoying than a beginner at an online casino table who doesn’t know what to do and has to be told everything several times through different mediums like video tutorials, online blogs and articles. Before your first time at a table game ask if your online casino offers gaming instructions. At specific times of the day many casinos will give a virtual tour of all the major games, explaining the rules and how to play. Notice the procedure and when you sit down try not to disrupt it. Following are some pointers which you can learn now or learn the hard way:

Understand the rules before you sit down. Know the rules of the games before you start playing the games. If you want to hone your skills before joining a real game, many online casinos offer free lessons. Alternatively, you’ll find plenty of online resources offering step-by-step coaching through the more complex games. By the time you sit at the table, you should be prepared to play with the training wheels off.

Collect chips between hands only. If you sit down while a hand is in progress, wait patiently for the conclusion of the hand then buy in. Use this time to get your chips ready.

Do not drink excessively. Much worse than a new player is a drunk.

Speaking as a non-smoker, if you must smoke please try to maximize the time between cigarettes. When you are done with your cigarette please fully put it out, not letting it emit smoke from the ashtray.

Do not ask for pity if you have a bad hand in your chats with other players, it happens to everyone. Nobody cares about your hand but you, make a decision quickly and do not hold up the game.

Be gracious in defeat! While it’s perfectly reasonable to feel aggravated after a heavy loss or run of bad luck, it’s also an inevitable part of life as an online casino player. Accusations of a rigged game or cheating dealer are extremely unlikely to be accurate, and no amount of grumbling will alter the result. So accept your loss graciously and stay calm.


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