What Is the Legal Situation of Casino games for Indian Players?
Games of chance have always been well-regarded in India. Nothing’s better than using your skills and luck to win some money, especially if there is little investment involved. Historically, games are deeply rooted in Indian culture. Indians have always been famed for their ingenuity in crafting games. If you look beyond the obvious example of chess – which probably originated in India – there are a number of traditional games such as Pachisi and Chaupur which are much beloved and play a significant part in some of the nation’s greatest epics. However, the legal status of casino games in India nowadays is quite unclear. Old laws, individual state regulations and the unclear distinction between ‘games of skill’ and ‘games of chance’ place a lot of barriers to enjoying playing online sports in your free time. We will try to navigate you through the complex situation but be warned – it’s a jungle out there!
Online Play Sports in India – Is It Legal?
The main gambling legislation in India is the Public Gambling Act from 1867 – considering the state of computer technology back in the XIX century, it comes as little surprise that there is no specific mention of online play sports in the country’s main legal document. To complicate the matter even further, the Indian Constitution explicitly grants the separate states’ rights to govern casino games in their territory. This means that states such as Goa and Sikkim have enacted laws that allow casinos to operate on their territories – but we are speaking of land-based casinos here. In terms of online play sports, Sikkim is the only Indian state that has taken concrete steps for drafting licenses for certified Indian operators. Most other states would allow you to play ‘games of skill’ even when it is for monetary gain but ban all and any ‘games of chance’. The problem here comes in defining which games involve more skill than chance. There are many casino games that involve a degree of skill, especially card games such as poker and blackjack. A lengthy court battle in 1968, for instance, ended up with the popular game of Rummy declared a game of skill, and therefore legal. With the unclear status of online casino sports, there are few provisions in place that would prevent Indian players from playing with offshore operators – thus, the biggest hurdle currently is finding reliable operators that accept India online casino fans!
Online Play Sports Responsibly in India
Currently, Sikkim is the only Indian state working towards legalizing online casino sports. In 2008 the state issued the Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Act which allowed for games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Pontoon, Punto Banco, Bingo, Casino Brag, Poker, Poker Dice, Baccarat, Chemin-de-for, Backgammon, Keno, and Super Pan 9 to be played online for real money. The Sikkim Government followed up on that with the intention of issuing licenses that would allow offshore operators to operate in Sikkim. However, the wide-spread hope that those licenses would be valid everywhere remained unanswered, as it was decided that they would only permit online casinos to operate on the territory of Sikkim. Sports betting fans were up for a similar disappointment. As of now, the status of online casino games in the rest of India remains unclear, and there are still no official licensing bodies in place. The best Indian players can do is to find international operators that have earned certification from prominent international authorities such as the UKGC or the MGA.
History of Play Sports in India
As we already mentioned, games of chance have their place in Indian culture, and there are few countries with such a long history. This country is considered the cradle of many games that have gone on to become part of the modern everyday lives of people worldwide. Chess, Carrom, Ludo (from the older Pachisi), Snakes and Ladders, and Polo are just a few of the things that trace their origin to Ancient India. Some scholars even claim that cards and dice were invented there, though we are going back to a point of history when it is very hard to prove anything at all.
Ancient scrolls show the earliest examples of casino types games in India with various games played by Kings as far back as 2000 B.C. Acts of play sports are mentioned in the two cornerstone epics the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The latter also offers one of the first recorded warnings about problem casino games, with the infamous story of Shakuni and Yudhishthira which lead to the exile of the Pandavas. The earliest forms of play sports in here were probably tied to dice games, though Indians would also quickly grow fond of betting on animals, with ram fights and cockfights getting replaced by horse racing later on.
With the coming of the British in the XVIII century, cricket and modern horse racing began to rise in prominence and betting on matches and races started to spread among the populace. India was a British colony when the out-of-control casino games led to the introduction of the infamous Public Gambling Act in 1867, and it has remained the primary gambling law in the country ever since. It outlawed all forms of play sports in the country, though later provisions were made for rummy, horse racing and lotteries. The new laws did put an end to the casino games boom but could not curb the popularity of games of chance in the country. Play sports simply moved in the underground and illegal sports bet markets have been thriving.
In the 90s, the appearance of the first online casinos opened up new possibilities for the eager Indian player. Registering in an offshore operator legal in their own country was a good way to circumvent any trouble with the law; however, internet scams proved to be a new, very serious danger before stricter regulations managed to regulate the new virtual casino gaming halls. In recent years, many Indian states have started to catch up to the new times. There is widespread hope for the legalization of online casino games which would also lead to stricter regulations and more clarity – not to mention that it would make the lives of casino games fans from India much, much easier.
Conclusion: Safe Online Casinos Offer Legal Play Sports to India Players
If you want to play a game of chance, there are many ways to do it in the modern world. If he is prudent, an Indian player can easily use some of the top casino sites on the internet; however, you have to look beyond the flashy banners and find those casinos that offer the best conditions for Indian players. The most important factor, with which you should never compromise, is the security. Of course, it will be better to choose an online casino that has a wide enough variety of games as well.
Rupee payments, good welcome bonuses and 24/7 customer support are just a few of the features that mark an online casino suitable for you. We tried to fill you in with the most important details also about banking in India and of course, the amazing bonuses that await you. Below we piled up a few guides for you, in case you want to learn something more about the different types of casino games available in India. We hope that our list will help you find the best casino in India for you. We advise you to always gamble responsibly and wish you luck in all of your endeavors! The last thing that we would like to share with you is that our page is translated in other languages so you can read about the best online casinos in Bengali, Urdu and Hindi as well.